Introducing Project Thunder

by Dyala on November 09, 2018

We’re a team of three developers with years of experience in the industry, excited to take the indie plunge and to start sharing more about our first game, code-named Project Thunder! We’ve been working on Project Thunder for about five months now, in addition to some previous paper prototyping, research, and planning. We’re aiming to release on PC in 2019.

the office dogs
Echodog Senior Leadership

Project Thunder is a narrative deck building game. That means that that as you build your deck, you’re defining your character - the kinds of social interactions and emotional range you’ll have available to you as you progress. You’re not killing monsters in this game, but rather navigating social situations, exploring communities and relationships.

Card game in various states of development
5 months of progress!

The setting is a near-future not-quite-Earth, a world tinged with magical realism, full of tall tales and small moments. You play as a budding folk hero, where your choices and the character you develop determine what kind of stories are told of you after.

environmental concept art
Some very early concepts

That's all for now! Excited to share more details over the coming months, so be sure to follow us on Twitter or sign up for the newsletter!