Announcing Signs of the Sojourner

by Dyala on February 15, 2019

We are super excited to announce that Project Thunder finally has a name: Signs of the Sojourner!

Signs of the Sojourner logo
Announcing Signs of the Sojourner

We've gone a bit quiet since the new year, as we were exploring some direction changes and wanted to be confident that this was the final direction before sharing more info. Signs of the Sojourner is still a deck-building narrative game, but with a few changes from the previous iterations that we've shared.

The very first sketch of the new card concept
New beginnings

Screenshot of card game

We've also stepped back from the tall tale/folk hero theme, focusing instead on relationships, exploration, and more grounded moments and conflicts. That said, a lot of the world building and themes remain the same: a near-future sort-of Earth, the same towns and regions that we've shared previously, and similar themes of community and personal growth.

So why the change? Mainly, it just wasn't coming together as a cohesive whole. Although we never got into the nitty-gritty of the original card game, it was very CCG-inspired, trying to model complex social situations with the kinds of abilities and mechanics you might expect from a typical card-battler, minus the battles. While I still think there is a game to be had there, it became clear that getting it to a good, engaging place would take more time than we could afford.

Screenshot of in-game map
New direction road map

Since changing the direction slightly, the game already feels far more cohesive and engaging, and the feedback from our playtesters has been incredibly encouraging. We'll be sharing more details on a regular basis, so follow us on twitter and sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date!