Signs of the Sojourner is a narrative card game about relationships and communication.

Encounters are conversations rather than combat. Your ability to navigate social situations and understand different perspectives is based on an expressive card game experience.

You'll travel through a diverse landscape, meeting people and collecting regional foods and treats to bring back to your hometown shop. As your relationships grow you'll learn about their everyday problems, their friendships and rivalries, their ambitions and secrets.
Find common ground or other ways to connect, and learn to communicate with characters from different cultures and backgrounds. You may find that becoming well-versed in one communication style will open up opportunities, but stifle other possibilities.
Your deck is your character, shaped by your experiences and relationships. Different decks will lead to different narrative paths as your cards impact your ability to communicate with various characters. You will have to make decisions about who you want to be in this world and how you relate to others.
Some more things you can expect to do in Signs of the Sojourner:
  • Explore curious locales
  • Learn the local lingo
  • Make friends
  • Make enemies
  • Play matchmaker
  • Collect all the snacks
  • Find romance
  • Discover ambitions and secrets and hidden pasts
  • Learn from and influence others