Signs of the Sojourner is a narrative deck-building game about relationships and communication. The ways in which you develop your deck, and thus your character, will determine how well you can communicate and connect with characters from different backgrounds and regions. As your relationships grow, you'll become involved in the lives and struggles of characters at home and abroad, all communicated via a unique card game experience.


Signs of the Sojourner began development in mid-2018. It was released on Windows and macOS on May 14, 2020.


  • Navigate conversations via a card game
  • Your deck is your character
  • Meet dozens of characters in a variety of locations
  • Build your deck to develop relationships
  • Collect tasty foods to bring home to your shop


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About Echodog Games

Echodog Games is a small independent game studio based in Los Angeles, California. They are currently working on their first game, Signs of the Sojourner.
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Signs of the Sojourner Credits

Dyala Kattan-Wright
Founder, Creative Director, Echodog Games
Holly Rothrock
Art Director, Echodog Games
Zach Vinless
Tech Lad, Echodog Games
Steve Pardo
Composer, SkewSound
Nicholas Kallman
Sound Designer, SkewSound
Dan Crislip
Additional Audio Support, SkewSound
Christopher Wilson
Additional Audio Support, SkewSound
Kevin Snow
Writer and Narrative Designer, Contributor
Paul Caravaggio
Writer, Contributor
Emily Short
Additional Writing, Contributor
Adam Hann-Byrd
Additional Writing, Contributor
Sisi Jiang
Additional Writing, Contributor
Proofreader, Contributor
Shinya Kataoka
QA Tester, Contributor
Lee Moor
QA Tester, Contributor
Brian Ellis
VFX Concept Animator, Contributor
Michael Kwan
Design Consultant, Contributor